―While computerization has an array of advantages, it also exposes the company to a number of hazards‖. List some of these hazards and some measures to avoid them.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Some hazards of computerization are:
i) Machine breakdown (due to some hardware parts problem)
ii) Due to virus infection data can even be destroyed.
iii) Due to incompetence of staff the software can be erased from the machine and the data can be corrupted.

iv) Purposefully anybody can damage the system or data can be tampered. Some of the measures to avoid these hazards are:

 Regular backup of the extra company data.
 The computer should be protected from unauthorized user by restrictions on physical entry and it should be password protected so that the system can not be started by any unauthorized person.
 Data encryption
 Regular virus scanning & virus removal.
 Proper method of data recovery and database recreation.
 Contingent planning.
 The second level of password checking should be done by the software itself.

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