Management information systems revision question and answer

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

a) The MIS project team comprises people who report directly or indirectly to the project manager. The team has a major role to play in the success or failure of the project.

i) State the factors to consider when constituting a project team
ii) ii) Outline the methods of monitoring and reporting progress
a) MIS Projects
i) Factors to consider when building a project team
Factors to consider when constituting a project team are:
Skills required
 Availability of staff
 Costing considerations
 Amount of work to be done
 Levels of supervision required
To enhance performance of the project team, ensure:
 Effective communication
 Awareness of team members and results orientation
 Collaboration and creativity
 Trust and a supporting atmosphere
 Commitment
 Conflict resolution (Consider positive and negative conflicts)
 Acceptance of change
ii) Methods of monitoring and reporting progress
 Project budget. The amount and distribution of resources to a project. Budgeting may be top down or bottom up.
 Gantt charts.
 Network diagrams.
Project Evaluation and Review Technique. Incorporates uncertainty in determining project duration probabilistic consideration of task duration and computation of expected duration.
Resource histograms. These are bar charts showing estimated resource requirements against available resources for the project duration.
Progress reports and milestones. A progress report shows the current status of the project in relation to the planned status. A milestone is a significant event in the project, usually completion of a major deliverable.

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