A clear statement of information needs is fundamental for good system design. Explain the factors that may contribute or influence management information needs

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Factors that may contribute or influence a management information needs:
1. The Level Of Management
That is, whether its tactical, operational or strategic. An operational manager would require solely internal data concerning the organization‘s transactions or operations while a strategic manager would require both internal and external data for strategic decision making.
2.The Nature of The Management Decisions

For example, for an operational manager, a decision to restock would need stock level information; a decision to step-up the production output would require the current and planned production levels.
3. The Frequency of Decision Making
Operational decision making is carried out frequently thus it needs a frequent supply of information. Strategic decision making is non-routine and thus its information need is adhoc.
4. The Nature of an Organization
This influences information needs at all the levels of management.
5. Presence of Fierce Competitors in the Market
This would force an organization to constantly gather information about the organization‘s competitors in order to formulate new competitive strategies or strengthen existing ones.

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