A major commercial organization has a policy of developing and using computer-based systems to give it commercial advantage. One consequence of this approach is that new systems need to be‚ developed on time, within budgeted cost and to quality™. Describe what quality means in this context.

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Quality is a term meaning different things to different people e.g. making sure it is correct, doing it right first time. In this context it is likely that the best definition of the term is
‚conforming to the customer‘s requirements where the customer can be either an external customer a client) or an internal customer (a colleague) and, requirements relate to both the product and service delivered. Here too the application developers will take on the role of supplier. In both internal and external customer-supplier relationships the supplier must first talk to the customer to ensure they understand fully the requirements if a quality product or service is to be delivered. The requirement will include details of:
o what is required;
o the most appropriate way of delivering it;
o the involvement and contribution expected from each party during the process According to the above definition, what the customer thinks about the quality of the product is all that counts. One can only speak of better product quality only if the customer perceives the product to be better, regardless of objective factual improvements.

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