APS I notes

  • DL1.01 Principles of Procurement and Supply
  • DL1.02 Understanding Organizational Environment
  • DL1.03 Communication and Office Management
  • DL1.04 Economics
  • DL1.05 Introduction to Business Law
  • DL1.06 Supply Chain Management
  • DL1.07 Financial and Cost Accounting

APS II notes

  • DL2.01 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
  • DL2.02 Negotiation in Supply Chain
  • DL2.03 Contract Administration
  • DL2.04 Managing Stakeholder Relationships
  • DL2.05 Warehousing and Distribution
  • DL2.06 Business Statistics
  • DL2.07 Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics

APS III notes

  • DL3.01 Logistics Management
  • DL3.02 Supply Chain Information Systems
  • DL3.03 Finance in Supply Chains
  • DL3.04 Project Management
  • DL3.05 Operations Management
  • DL3.06 Asset Management, Costing and Budgeting
  • DL3.07 Industry Based Learning

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