Assume that you are hired in an organization for the purpose of developing computerized accounting system and upgrading the manual system to the newly developed system. Explain the steps in brief with suitable examples you would follow in the development of the system.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

As the real system has to be build, development process has to undergo following phases. In broad sense the phases can be comprised as:
1. Preliminary Investigation
2. Requirement analysis
3. System Design
4. System Development
5. System testing, Implementation and Maintenance

Preliminary Investigation
This is the first phases of the system development. In this phase firstly feasibility of the project is carried out in-terms of cost, technology and behavior of the personnel. For example, the total cost of the software to build, training cost, accountants and others stake holder‘s interest etc.

Requirement analysis
Requirement analysis process consists of the study of problems in the current manual system. This is also called as the system analysis phases. In this phase inputs, outputs of the systems are also analyzed. This phase can be done with the fact finding techniques like interviews, questionnaires, observations, etc. are performed. For example, different accounting terminologies (Debit, Credit, Balance Sheet, types of Reports, problems of current payroll etc)

System Design
Once the problems of current system are found and requirements for the new system are analyzed, it is subjected to the design of the database, input/output layout, and report generations. Moreover system design phase also includes the hardware and networking resources design as well. Different tools can be implemented for the same. ER diagram, OO diagram etc can be implemented.

System Development
This is the real system coding phase. In this phase according to the design actual computer programming of the system is done. The system development phases are in strict compliance with design. For example, visual basic or java, data base: oracle, MS access etc.

System testing, Implementation and Maintenance
In order to ensure the reliability of the software it needs the testing. Testing is done according to the need of accountants and actual users. While testing software input, process and reports all should be tested in random orders. E.g. while giving data for ledger, while generating, balance sheet etc.
The fit system is implemented with actual, hardware installation is done, users are trained, system is reviewed for requirement conformity and system is adapted to meet business needs.

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