Assume you are assigned to do major hardware maintenance of the information system in a commercial bank. What are the major challenges? How would you minimize them?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Hardware maintenance of the Information system is a critical activity because it involves actual physical activity on the hardware and can cause major system downtime if high availability provisions are not available.
In this context, the major challenges for me to do hardware maintenance of a commercial bank are:

• Since banking systems involve financial transaction and critical data, the level of preparation and care needed is very high.

• The downtime has to be minimized.
• The maintenance activity has to be planned in such a way that the disruptions are minimum.

• Convincing of the bank management about the plan of maintenance and the impact it can make on system operations.

• Creating a fallback plan if the maintenance activity does not go as planned.

• The steps I would take to minimize the challenges and risks are:

• Check the high-availability and redundancy provisions of the system. If there is redundancy provisions, risks are lower.

• If redundancy provisions are not there, system downtime cannot be eliminated. Detailed, step- by-step plan shall be made so that the downtime is minimized.

• Arrangement of power and network team shall be made prior to the activity to make sure those necessary components are working smoothly.

• Take full data backup of the system so that in case the maintenance leads to data corruption, the latest good data can be restored.

• Keep in close contact with the system suppliers and software developers to handle any unforeseen problem during maintenance and system restoration.

• Make the management and users aware of the detailed activity, risks and steps taken to minimize those.

• Keep all the activities documented for record and future references.

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