Assume you have to quickly develop a new information system for end-users of a traditionally non-computer based organization. Which approach of system development would you undertake? Justify your choice with explanation.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

A prototype-based development model is recommended because of the following factors:
 Since the organization is non-computer based, the users are new to the system and have to be trained for even basic use of computer. So, everything should start small.
 The initial prototype model will be based on the current manual activity and try to emulate the steps and processes.
 After having user experience with the system, next level of enhancement shall be done and tested.
 Such changes shall be gradually introduced so as not to frighten the users with complexity while making them increasingly comfortable with the new features.
 This approach shall make sure that the users are almost fully familiar with the system by the time final prototype is made.
 Moreover, users have greater sense of ownership as they are continually involved in the evolution of the system from initial prototype to the final functional system.

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