Audio Communication

Business studies study module

This is when the message is transmitted through sounds. Examples include

  1. A whistle; This is a device which is blown to produce a sharp shrill sound to alert or warn the public or employees in an institution. It is normally used security guards when there is danger. In some organization, a whistle is used to announce change in shifts
  2. Horn; This is also an instrument that is used to produce sound which passes different information depending on the way it is blown.

Other methods of audio communication include drums, alarms, and bells among others

Advantages of Audio communication

  1. Is a faster method of communication
  2. It can reach several people at once
  • The message is received instantly

Disadvantages of Audio communication

  1. The message may be interpreted wrongly
  2. It can only be used within a certain radius at a time
  • It distracts people‚Äôs attention

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