1. different perspectives: we see things differently to the person talking and we disagree with them
  2. strong emotions: we have very strong feelings on the subject which prevents us from listening; we may also have prejudices
  3. physical tiredness or discomfort: we may be tired or hungry; we may be hot or cold; we may be under stress and feel anxious or unwell
  4. desire to talk: we love to talk most of the time, to be the center of attention; we love the sound of our own voice and think that only our opinions really count
  5. distractions and mind wandering: we may be distracted because of a noise; or we may be thinking ahead of all the things that need to be done; we may be worried about someone or something
  6. reactions to the speaker: we may dislike the person who is talking to us; we may find them boring or opinionated


Jumping into conclusionat time we jump into conclusion before the speaker finishes and end up not understanding what the speaker Intended

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