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Mrs. Karanja and Mrs. Waithaka are neighbours. Their sons, Mwaura Karanja and Mwangi Waithaka, had a fight and Mwangi was hurt.

In annoyance, Mrs. Waithaka hurled a stone at Mrs. Karanja but the stone did not hit Mrs. Karanja. Mrs. Waithaka rushed to her house and came out with a bucket of water which she splashed on Mrs. Karanja making her clothes wet. Mrs. Karanja intends to sue Mrs. Waithaka.

Advise Mrs. Karanja on the kinds of tort that she may seek redress from. (12 marks

  • This problem is based on the law of torts. In this case Mrs. Waithaka hurled a stone at Mrs. Karanja but missed but subsequently succeeded in splashing Mrs. Karanja with water making her clothes wet. Mrs. Karanja is aggrieved the acts of Mrs. Waithaka and has a number of causes of action for which she can seek judicial redress. Firstly the hurling of the stone Mrs. Waithaka to Mrs. Karanja amounts to assault as is created apprehension of some contact with her person. Secondly, the splashing of Mrs. Karanja with water amounted to battery as there was a physical contact with her person.
  • It therefore follows that Mrs. Karanja can sue Mrs. Waithaka in damages for assault and battery.
  • These torts are actionable per se and Mrs. Karanja does not have to prove any loss for Mrs. Waithaka to be held liable.
  • My advice to Mrs. Karanja is based on the general law of torts.

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