Business/commercial law essay question and answers

Mr. Jumbe who was vying for the national chairmanship of a political party, engaged Mr. Musika, a local musician to perform in a series of campaign meetings the political rallies were scheduled to be held at the Wazalendo Stadium. Mr. Jumbe paid Mr. Musika fifty thousand shillings as part payment for the performance fee.

Explain the legal position, if before the first rally can be held:

(i) The dais and seats at Wazalendo Stadium are burnt down and the rallies have to be cancelled. (4 marks)

(ii) Mr. Musika is found guilty of being in possession of narcotics and selling it to minors. He is arrested and sentenced to a one year jail term. (4 marks)

• This problem is based on a contract subsisting between the parties. Musika had agreed to perform and Jumbe to pay. A down payment had even been made.
• The cancellation of the rallies frustrated the contract and discharged both parties from their obligations. Jumbe is therefore entitled to the Kshs. 50,000 paid to Musika as none of the parties is to blame.
• He is not bound to pay the balance.

In this case Musika is in breach of contract reason of self-disablement and Jumbe has an action against him in damages for the breach.\

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