Six letter styles have been established for use in business offices. The two most commonly used of these are the block and semi block styles.

  1. Full block

All lines of typing begin on the left hand margin. There are no paragraph indentions. Letters that are typed in the full block style are always single spaced

  1. Block style

This style is similar to the fully-blocked style. It differs in the positioning of few items. The date is typed on the right-hand side of the page rather than the left-hand side of the page as followed in the fully-blocked style. The subject of the letter and the signature and the name and the designation of the sender are centered.

These modifications give the letter a balanced appearance. However this is

not the only way to modify the fully-blocked style. You may want to place other items in different places.

  1. Semi block

The first line of each paragraph is indented. Otherwise, the semi block style is exactly like the block style.

  1. AMS Simplified letter

All typing in the Administrative Management Society Simplified Letter begins on the left margin, as in the full block style. This form omits the salutation and the complimentary close.

  1. Simplified style

This is another modification of the fully-blocked style. This style is used when you write a letter and you do not know the name and title of the person to whom you are writing the letter. The salutation and the complimentary closing are not used in this style. The subject is mentioned in capital fonts and that subject need not be underlined. Today around all the business houses, this style is widely used when the writer of the letters does not want to give importance to formality. Since the formality is not adopted here, this style goes to the heart of the addressee. This style gives more importance only to the core matter of the letter.

  1. Hanging Indented (Inverted)

The hanging indented style is identical the semi block format except that the first line of each paragraph is typed flush with the left margin and all lines following are indented five spaces. This style is usually seen only in advertising letter, where it’s unique paragraphing catches the eye.

  1. Official (Formal or Personal)

The official letter style is usually prepared in either the block or the semi block format. The inside address, however, is located two to five lines below the typed signature line, not at the top of the page. The official letter is used

only when writing to highly placed official or to extend congratulation, appreciation, or sympathy.

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