Characteristics of an entrepreneur

  1. Flexibility

Most successful entrepreneurs measure the pro and cons of a decision and tend to change if the situation demands.

2.      Need to achieve

They got strong desires to achieve strong goals and they are self motivated

3.      Independence

Most entrepreneur start on their own because they dislike to work for others, they prefer be their own boss and want to be responsible for their own decisions.

4.      Risk bearing

Entrepreneurs are the persons who take decisions under uncertainty and thus they are willing to take risks but they never gamble with the results.

5.      Locust of control

Entrepreneurs strongly believe they can govern and shape their own destiny

6.      Perseverance

They stick to their jobs that they have decided to undertake. Once committed to a specific goal and course of action, they become absorbed to it. They presually solve the problems that come across their way while setting of the projects.

7.      Positive self concepts

They should be always positive in their action

8.  Ability to find and explore opportunities

They are always alert to opportunities and they are very quick to see and grab the opportunity. They connect problems into variable opportunities.

9.  Hope of success

This is a significant quality of entrepreneur set their goals with a hope of success rather than fear of success

10.  Analytical ability of mind

They are unaffected by personal likes and dislikes and they stand beyond these types of prejudices or they are realistic in their approach.

11.  Sense of efficiency

They are always oriented towards actions for accomplishment of their goals.

12.  Openness to feedback and learning from experience

Successful entrepreneur like to have immediate feedback of their performance. They modify their plans in their basis of the feedback, they receive from the environment around them. They learn from their experience and never get discouraged having  received unfavorable information.

13.  Conformity uncertainty

Successful entrepreneur are always optimistic and take every odd as the opportunity

14.  Interpersonal skills

They are always comfortable when dealing with people at all levels.

15.  Need to influence others

Once they act their goals, they have to play the roles of a manager too

16.  Stress takers

Entrepreneurs are capable of working for long hours and solving different complexities at the same time

17.  Leadership

They should posses the quality of a leader. Leadership is the ability to exalt interpersonal influence by means of communication towards the achievement of goals.


18.  Decision making skills

This is choosing a particular course of action out of several alternative courses for the purpose of achieving goals.

19.  Ability to mobilize resources

The entrepreneurs are able to bring together factors of production so as to meet their entrepreneurial goals: 6Ms

  • Men (labour)
  • Money (finances)
  • Machinery
  • Method
  • Materials

20.  Self confidence

Enable them to accomplish the tasks effectively and efficiently.

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