Characteristics of Organization Culture

Organization Theory And Behaviour study
  • Innovation and risk taking  The degree  to which  employees  are  encouraged  to be  innovative  and  take  risk.
  • Attention to  detail The  degree  to which  employees  are  expected  to  exhibit  precision  ,analysis and  attention   to detail .
  •  Outcome  orientation  The degree  to which  management  focuses  on  result  or  outcomes  rather  than  on the techniques  and  processes  used  to achieve  those  outcomes.
  • People orientation The  degree  to which  management  decisions  take  into  consideration  the effect  of outcomes  on  people  within  organization.
  • Team orientation The degree to which work activities are organized around teams rather than individuals.
  • Aggressiveness The degree to which people are aggressive and competitive rather than easy going
  • Stability  The  degree  to which  organizational  activities  emphasize  maintaining  the  status  quo in contrast to growth.
  • Norms  Standard to behavior   exist including guidelines on how much work to do .
  • Dominant values These   are   those   values   that   the   organizations   advocates   and   expects  from the participants  in an  organization  e.g.  High quality, low absenteeism and high efficiency.
  • Rules These are strict guidelines related to getting along in the organization

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