Characteristics of Projects

Project Planning And Implementation
  • Projects are unique – it requires doing something different/ly not done before
  • Single definable purpose – projects are specified in terms of cost schedule and performance requirements
  • Temporary – every project has a finite start and finite end
  • Unique deliverables – any project aims to produce some deliverables which can be a product, service or other results deliverables address a problem or need analyzed before project start
  • Organization has something at stake – projects call for special scrutiny or effort otherwise it would jeopardize the organization goals
  • Progressive elaboration – with the progress of project continuous investigations and improvements become available and this produce for more accurate and comprehensive plans successive iterations of planning results in developing more effective solutions to progress and develop projects.

Others include;

  • Purposeful
  • Logical
  • Structured – has interdependence between tasks and activities
  • Conflict solver – as it tries to solve problem that create some conflict
  • Limited available resources
  • Risky as it involves element of risks

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