CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Alternative communication systems: –
a. Client-Server: –
A very popular form of distributed processing which splits the required processing between
‗clients‘and ‗servers‘. The client is normally the user interface between a user and a desktop computer, workstation or a laptop computer. The user interacts with the user interface to enter or receive data or carry out some form of calculation or analysis of data. The server provides the client with the services required and may be anything from a super computer, mainframe or another desktop computer, usually with a large amount of additional RAM and hard disk capacity.

The subdivision of the processing function and the allocation of storage depends on the requirements of each application. Generally all or the majority of the data storage is in the server whilst the application logic may be split between the server and the client, the precise
Division depending on the application and asynchronous data transmission speeds. In some applications more in the client and in other applications more in the server.

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