Communication channels


A channel means a path or a way. Thus a channel of communication is the path or way through which information is transmitted throughout the organization. It is the route through which the message flows from the sender to the receiver.

There are two channels:

  1. Formal channel of communication

A formal channel of communication is the officially prescribed route for the flow of communication. It is that route of communication which is institutionally determined and is associated with status or position of the receiver and sender. The formal channels are deliberately related to ensure that accurate information flows smoothly and timely

  1. Informal channel of communication

The informal channel of communication is that channel of communication which is not officially prescribed. It is that route which is used by workmen in an organization to maintain social (informal) relationship amongst themselves. It is thus created as a result of operation of social force in an organization. It can be said that informal communication flows through corridors to water coolers, down hallways through lunchrooms and where ever workmen get together in groups

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