Communication defined


Communication can be defined, as the transfer of information from one person to another i.e. from the sender to the receiver.

Communication is the process by which people attempt to share meaning through the transmission of symbolic messages.

This definition calls attention to 3 important points.

In any business enterprise, the entrepreneur will need to be confident and develop a level of expertise in the skills of speaking, listening, and at times writing to customers, workmates and supervisors.

The entrepreneur also needs to be good in numbers such that he can prepare his financial statements and present them in a legible manner.

He/she may also need to devise graphs and charts, using graphic illustrations to explain information. This might involve using computer-based and telecommunication equipment such as PCs, photocopiers, scanners, telephone systems, faxing equipment, etc.

The entrepreneur will thus need to arm himself with the skills to use these tools to communicate with all the stake holders in his business

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