Company law revision question and answer

(a) In relation to special notice, state the following:
(i) Objects of a special notice.
(ii) The number of days required.
(iii) The ordinary resolutions which require special notice.

(b) In relation to company meetings, explain the following:
(i) Issues that require special resolution.
(ii) Support required for a special resolution to be passed.
This is a 28 day notice to the company of an intention to move a particular resolution at the next meeting.
• It is not a notice the company.
• It is required law in certain circumstances.
(ii) 28 days (iii)
• The removal of a director from office.
• Removal of an auditor from office.
• Re-appointment of a director who has attained the age of 70.

(b) (i) Matters or issues that require special resolution include:
• Alteration of the objects clause
• Alteration of the articles.
• Voluntary change of name
• Reduction of capital
• Conversion of private company to public.
• Voluntary winding up.
• Creation of reserve capital.

It must be supported not less than ¾ or 75% of all members present and voting in person or proxy.

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