Compare between Joint Application Development and Rapid Application Development.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers
S.N Joint Application Development Rapid Application Development
1. Joint Application Development is one method of fact finding and system designing in which all users work together


Rapid Application Development refers to a type of software development methodology by prototyping which involves minimal planning.
2. Its  key  objective  is  to  bring the

idea of all users in the system

The  key objective  of  RAD  is  for fast

development and quick delivery of


  development so that all stake holders have the feeling of


high quality system.
3. It is slightly costlier process of development but have high reliability. It is economical in comparison JAD.
4. The rapid change in system is rare as it needs consensus of large

number of people

The     changes    in    system    and    its parameter can be accommodated


5. It emphasizes on all technical or engineering process of the system development It mainly emphasizes on fulfilling business needs instead of following technical or engineering



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