Compare Decision Support System with Executive Information System.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers


Decision Support System (DSS) Executive Information System (EIS)
1. Decision Support system can be defined as ainformation system that provides tools to mangers to assist them in solving semi- structured and unstructured problems in

their own.

1. Executive information system is a tool provided to the executive body, which provides direct and online access to the    timely,    accurate    and  relevant

information in a useful and navigable


2. DSS itself does not make any decision rather it provides analysis and all the possible results so that managers can make the

decision on his own.

2. Executive Information systems get the input from the reports of supervisory level system. EIS also can have access

to other decision support system.

3. Thus DSS is a support to the human decision making process instead of being a decision


3. EIS can be helpful for decision making, analysis,       policy       and       strategy


4.DSS can be made access to the limited person in the organization. It is accessible to only those persons who are in decision

making position.

4. EIS is mainly accessible to top level management of the organization.

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