Compare modern days organizations MIS with that of traditional organizations MIS. Explain how Decision Support system helps the top level management.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers


Traditional MIS Modern MIS
Traditional Management Information System uses the paper based data storage mechanism and extracting the essential information manually whenever


In the modern MIS, the computer hardware and software are used to input process and display the essential information.
There was no proper methodology to keep the back up the data to

protect from accident.

The data and information can be back up at anywhere in the world instantly and can be retrieved


It was simple and normal staff can

handle it properly.

It is more technical and specialized knowledge and

expertise are essential


It is cost effective Initially it looks to be costly affair however in long run

it is cost effective

It is mainly centralized It can be centralized or distributed. However in both cases    two    or    more    users     can    access    it


Transmitting to other parts involves

purely manual process

It is fully automatic

anywhere instantly.

and can be transmitted to

A top level management of any organization is mainly responsible to oversee all the task of the organization. Top level management has to coordinate and establish cordial relationship among the department of the organization. They should be able to analyze the various indicators and should be able to take the even radical decision for the benefit of the organization. Thus top level management should be dynamic, far sighted and quick and correct while making decision.
A decision support system DSS is that part of the information system which provides a tool to managers/executives of an organization to assist them in solving semi –structured and unstructured problems in their own, somewhat personalized way. Some time, the modeling environment can be done in s spread sheet.
Thus, a decision support system does not itself make any decision rather it provides lots of information which assists the top level management to make the right decision at the right time. DSS provides provide the alternatives mechanism and process to the top level management which will be helpful in many ways in organization execution.

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