Consultancy in Supply Chain Management notes

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1. Lysons, K., & Farrington, B. (2016). Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (8th ed.). New York: Pearson.
2. Burt, D.N., Dobler, D.W. & Starling, L.S. (2003). World Class Supply Chain Management: Key to Supply Chain Management (7th  ed.), Michigan: Tata McGraw.
3. of Procedures for Procurement of Consultancy services.
4. – Good Procurement Practice when buying consultancy services and the procurement of small and medium sized consultancy firms.
5.,,contentMDK:20060656~menuPK:93977~pagePK:84269~piPK:60001558~the Site PK:84266,00.html – Guidelines for selection and employment of consultants.

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