Covers under accident policy

  • Motor policy-this can be third party or comprehensive. A third party is an agreement between another party who may be insured/whose property damaged by the insured vehicle and is usually compulsory in Kenya.

A comprehensive is one which covers all possible risks that may occur out of operating the motor vehicle.

  • Personal accident-compensation is provided in case of death/injury caused through an accident. A lump sum of money is paid by the insurance company to the injured person /his/her kin if the insured dies.
  • Accidents and specified diseases-a person is insured for specified disabilities.the company compensates the insured for bills incurred and the loss of income due to his/her inability to work.
  • Employers liability/workman’s compensation-the policy covers employees for injuries sustained in the course of their official duties.
  • Fidelity guarantee-this cover insures the employer against financial loss due to the dishonesty of employees.
  • Public liability-this policy covers losses arising from injury damage or death caused to the members of the public by an insured,his/her property,his/her employees and agents.also cover losses occurring due to goods sold/services offered,construction work,repairs and mistakes while executing professional duties.


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