Craft Certificate in Automotive Technology notes – KNEC

Module I

  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Technical Drawing
  • Mathematics I
  • Applied Science
  • Workshop Technology
  • Electrical Principles
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Vehicle Body Work


  • Communication Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Technical Drawing II
  • Mathematics II
  • Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Vehicle  Engines Technology
  • Driving Skills
  • Workshop Organisation and Management
  • Business Plan
  • Trade Project
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5 thoughts on “Craft Certificate in Automotive Technology notes – KNEC”

  1. Gechana Geoffrety says:

    please help with notes of mechanic engineering module 1

  2. I Brenda Nyongesa am student of automotive engineering module 1,I was looking everywhere and doing alot of research to sharpen up my mind’s so that I can gain alot of knowledge and skills. I was looking notes of units Vehicle body work; vehicle technology; electrical principal workshop and applied science.Please just help me with and I appreciate for this.

  3. Joshua Muterian says:

    Kindly help with note of module ll craft in automotive engineering

  4. Robin Nyangito says:

    Kindly i need support in certificate Automotive Engineering module2 mathematics 2.

  5. Nahashon ochieng says:

    Please help me with notes for electrical principle craft one in automotive engineering

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