Define communication. What is the importance of communication for an individual and for an organization?

Definition: “Communication is the process by which information is transmitted between individuals and organization, so that an understanding response results”.
“Communication is the process which involves transmission and accurate replication of ideas, ensured by feedback for the purpose of eliciting action which will accomplish organizational goals”.

(1) Helps in getting a desired job:-
Getting a desired job is not an easy task. It requires a person to be excellent, especially in terms of communication abilities. Communication abilities can be classified into five categories that is reading, writing, speaking, listening and observing. If a candidate is a good reader of not only text books and reference books but also of newspapers and magazines, this would help him developing confidence level at the time of interview. Writing skills are necessary for preparing an appropriate Bio- data and covering letter, so that a better initial impression could be created. No doubt, conversational skill right at the time of interview is equally countable towards success of the candidate. Listening abilities on the other could prove to be fruitful especially when the interviewer is making a comment or asking a question. In short we can say that the presence of above mentioned five communication skills could give a better chance of being selected during an interview.

(2) Help in maintaining social relationships:-
We as human beings live in a cobweb of relationships rather social relationship. These social relations compel us to act simultaneously in the capacity of father, child, husband, uncle, neighbor, cousin, teacher, nephew and so on. All these relationships especially near one’s could be maintained properly if we can communicate well to all these relations, that we are here to take care of them and our services are always there to help them in case of any needs.

(3) Helps in getting on the job promotion:-
Perhaps finding a job would not be a big deal in case of if the candidate is well connected and belongs to a well off family. But promotion on the job requires some extra skills on the part of the candidate. Amongst those skills, communication abilities rank on the top. If a person can speak well during interactive and presentation sessions, can reports properly, he will automatically be in the eyes of the management and whenever a chance for promotion comes, he will be on the top of the list.

(4) Helps in solving other’s problems:-
It is commonly observed that around us there are so many people whom we like to meet, their company is a source of enrichment for us. When we are with them we feel secured. The only reason for such types of feelings is that such type of people are not only good listeners but they also know it well that whenever they would speak, it would only be for the sake of encouraging, not discouraging others, only for solving other’s problems and not for creating problems for others. Such people are no doubt excellent communicators.

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