Define the following terms as they related to information systems.Hackers and Viruses

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 Hackers and Viruses
A hacker is a person who attempts to invade the privacy of a system. A virus is a piece of software that invades programs or data, and which replicates itself and causes harm to data or the IS.

Viruses are written programmers and are usually placed in:
 Free software.
 Pirated software.
 Games software.
Examples of viruses are:
TROJANS. This is a program that while visibly carrying out one function, secretly carries out another.

WORM. This is a program that replicates itself inside a computer system.
 TRAP DOORS. These are undocumented entry points into the system to which malicious code can be attached.
LOGIC BOMBS. These are pieces of code triggered a certain event.
 TIME BOMBS. These are pieces of code triggered a certain date.
Protection against viruses includes:
Vaccine programs.
 Guarding against introduction of unauthorised software.
 Cleaning of disks before downloading.

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