Describe four methods that would be used for fact finding during system investigation.

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Methods that would be used for fact finding:

1. Use of questionnaires
A questionnaire is a special document that allows the analyst to ask a number of standard questions set to be asked to a large number of people in order to gather information from them.
2. Interviewing
This is a direct face-to-face conversation between a system analyst (interviewer) and users (interviewees).
3. Observation
This requires the analyst to participate in performing some activities carried out the user. He may choose to watch them as they perform their activities and gather the intended facts.
4. Record inspection/document review
This method involves perusing through literature documents to gain a better understanding about the existing system e.g. sales orders, job description, etc
5. Sampling
This is the systematic selection of representative elements of a population.

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