Describe some of the ethical dilemmas that are involved with Information Systems.

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IS ethical dilemmas: –
IS puts so many firms in ethical dilemma as some of their actions go against the ethical standards. Some of the actions which put an organization against ethics are as follows:-
i. Monitoring individual‘s e-mail to ensure that it is work related in an organization contravenes individual privacy legislation. This denies the professional right to privacy.
ii. Using database information for purposes other than what it was set up for without prior consent. This is done by most professionals but in goes against the ethics of the respect of firm‘s property and its privacy.
iii. Every effort must be made to ensure the correctness of the data stored in the course of this work the ethical question comes in as illegal methods may be used as long as the data is accurate.
iv. Illegal copying of software and possible distribution on the WWW. This is unethical as goes against respect of other people‘s property.
v. Respect of Intellectual Property Rights and ownership particularly on the WWW. It maybe hard to respect other people property as with the WWW, it‘s hard to protect your property.
vi. Other similar examples will be acceptable

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