Describe the different letter formats. Illustrate clearly by means of sketches.

1. Full Block Form:
In a full block letter every line begins at the left margin. This is easier to type.
2. Modified Block Form:
Modified block form is used frequently in business. All parts except the date, complimentary close and signature sections begin at the left margin. The date, complimentary close and signature area may start at the horizontal center of the page or to the right of center.
3. Modified Block form with Paragraph Indentations:
It is like the modified block form except that its paragraphs are indented. The date complimentary close and signature area begin at the horizontal center of the page.
4. ASM simplified form:
This form ahs been recommended by the Administrative Management Society of USA as an important time saving step. Following are important features.
(i) Full block style and open punctuations are used.
(ii) Salutation and complimentary close are omitted, but to personalize reader’s name is used at least in the first sentence.
(iii) Subject line is typed in capital letters and the word “subject” is omitted.
(iv) Signer’s name and business title are typed in capital letters.
5. Hanging or Inverted Paragraph Form:
This form is commonly used in sales and advertising letters. The key words are “hanging” in the left margin at the start of each paragraph with other lines indented. Sometimes the key words are typed in capital letters for more emphasis.
The sketched of the above letters are given on the following pages.

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