Describe the following pairs of terms, stating any similarities or differences between them.Broadband and Baseband transmission

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Broadband uses analogue signaling and is more expensive than baseband. Its strength is its capacity. It can carry a wide variety of traffic on many channels simultaneously using FDM. This technology is more complex than baseband and needs fine-tuning to operate at optimum performance. Broadband systems use modems at each end of the channel which are more expensive than the digital transceivers of baseband systems.
Baseband uses digital signaling which by its nature uses the entire frequency spectrum ofthe cable. Each node’s signal is applied directly to the medium. Only one transmission can be handled at any one time. TDM is used in baseband signaling. It is cheaper than broadband and much simpler to implement and get running.
Similarities and Differences: Both can carry several users‘ traffic across one medium. Baseband is cheaper than broadband.

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