Describe the following pairs of terms, stating any similarities or differences between them. Computer Hardware and Software

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

 Hardware is the physical or tangible parts of a computer system. This encompasses motherboard, CPU, expansion cards, peripherals such as monitor etc. The hardware is the parts of a computer that carry electrical (or optical etc) signals between the input, output, processor and storage devices. Hardware is generally made by professional manufacturers. Software is the digital instructions or data that a computer needs to operate. It is the software that supplies the instructions for the hardware to operate. These instructions and data are held on hard disks, floppy disks, CDROM, pen drives etc. Software may be held temporarily in RAM during the operation of a program. Any user may write software. Software can be system software, application software and data.
Similarities and Differences: Software supplies the information required by the hardware for the computer to operate. Both software and hardware are needed for a computer to operate.

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