Describe the following pairs of terms, stating any similarities or differences between them. Microprocessor and ROM

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

A CPU is the Central Processing Unit that forms a computer. This microprocessor is a microchip that is at the heart of a microcomputer system. It takes instructions from memory (the program) one at a time and performs the actions specified by the instructions on the data that has been supplied/ defined. Microprocessors are often measured in MHz which refers to the clock speed of the processor. It describes the number of cycles per second that the CPU is capable of performing. It has temporary storage areas known as registers to hold intermediate results.
ROM is Read Only Memory. It is a non-volatile storage space used to store boot commands for a computer. It has much smaller storage area than RAM. It is a microchip held on the motherboard. Its contents cannot easily be altered. It is used at system boot but not once the system is booted.
Similarities and Differences: CPU carries out mathematical and logical operations. ROM stores data for boot purposes. Both are microchips held on the motherboard.

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