Describe the main function and composition of Judicial Service Commission

The Judicial Service Commission is established by section 68(1) of the Constitution. It consists of:
• The Chief Justice as chairman.
• Attorney General
• Two persons who are for the time being judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal appointed by the President.
• Chairman Public Service Commission
• High Court registrar as secretary.
• Advisory: it advises the President of the appointment of judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal.
• Administration: it administer the Judiciary in that it is the principal administrative organ of the Judicial Department.
• Appointment: it engages or employs magistrates, High Court registrars, Kadhis Clerks interpreters and other staff of the Judiciary.
• Discipline: it disciplines magistrates, Kadhis, High Court registrars, Clerks, Accountant sand other judicial staff.

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