Describe the type of computer network you would recommend for a large, country wide, commercial bank, with heavy data processing requirements at its four regional centers.

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I would recommend a star network

In this network, there are a number of processing sites linked to a central unit, which may be a host computer or file server. The four regional sites would constitute the processing sites. It may be noted that each regional site may consist of a subnetwork of computers. In addition to facilitating communication, the function of the central unit would be to provide control over the network. It could for instance be used to administer security over the network since all the regional sites are linked to it. The central unit could also be used to provide shared data storage in the form of a shared database of records for all the regional sites. Data processing could thus be distributed over the regional sites with the central unit being invoked only during exchange of messages between regional sites or when reference is being made to data stored on the central unit. The star network could take the following configuration:

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