Design a general description of what would be expected of responsible employees in a company where top management has a positive policy for discipline.

Principles and Practice of Management notes and Revision questions and answers

In companies where top management has a positive policy for discipline, written procedures can suitably be stated as a general description of what responsible employees are expected to do. e.g.,

i. All employees are expected to abide by safety regulations and to be safety-minded at all times-not only for themselves but also in relation to other employees.

ii. Subordinates are expected to support management authority by following the instructions issued by their immediate supervisor. Employees who feel that an instruction or order is unreasonable should obey under protest and then file a complaint, with the exception of orders or instructions that may jeopardize employee’s safety or health-In such a case, the employee should ask for a written order so that the reason for prudent non-compliance is a matter of record and can subsequently be investigated.

iii. All employees should respect the property rights of the company and for all other employees.

iv. All employees should always show a responsible attitude toward their work and toward other employees. They should report for work promptly and regularly and not leave early; meet established standards for quality of work; refrain from drinking intoxicating liquor or using unlawful drugs and refrain from offering such addictive substances to another employee; exercise self-control, even under provocation; and refrain from practical jokes or horseplay.

Principles and Practice of Management notes and Revision

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