Diploma in Agriculture Past Papers

Diploma in Agriculture notes and Past Papers

Diploma in Agriculture

Module I

  • Agricultural Engineering I
  • Agricultural Economics I
  • Agricultural Extension


  • Animal Production I
  • Principles of Animal Production
  • Principles of Crop Production I
  • Soil Science

Module II

  • Agricultural Engineering II
  • Agricultural economics II
  • Agricultural Extension


  • Home Economics
  • Animal Production II
  • Crop Production II
  • Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Module III

  • Agricultural Engineering III
  • Environmental Management
  • Animal Production III
  • Crop Production III
  • Farm Business Management
  • Extension Education

Diploma in Agriculture notes and Past Papers

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  1. David yeko says:

    Shall I have notes Agricultural Engineering II

  2. Olivia oluoch says:

    Many I have animal production and Agricultural engineering module 2

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