Diploma in Civil Engineering notes

Diploma in Civil Engineering notes

Module I

  1. Mathematics I
  2. Physical Science
  3. Building Construction I
  4. Technical Drawing
  5. Construction Plant
  6. Communication skills
  7. Information Communication Technology
  8. Entrepreneurship Education
  9. Construction Materials I
  10. Structures I
  11. Surveying I
  12. Workshop Technology I(Mechanical)

Module II

  1. Building Construction II
  2. Civil Construction
  3. Transport Engineering I
  4. Construction Management I
  5. Workshop Technology II (Electrical)
  6. Water Supply
  7. Concrete Technology II
  8. Geotechnology II
  9. Structures II
  10. Surveying II
  11. Mathematics II
  12. Estimating and Costing I
  13. Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works

Module III

  1. Transport Engineering II
  2. Building Construction III
  3. Construction Management II
  4. Estimating and Costing II
  5. Mathematics III
  6. Surveying III
  7. Mathematics
  8. Structures III
  9. Civil Engineering Construction
  10. Civil Engineering Drawing
  11. Measurement, Estimating and Costing
  12. Soil mechanics and Hydraulics
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