Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT) notes – KNEC

Diploma in Information Communication Tecnology (ICT) notes and Past Papers

DICT Module 1

DICT Module 2

DICT Module 3

Course Specialization Project

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  1. DICT Module I notes

    • Introduction to ICT and Ethics https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/introduction-to-ict-pdf-notes/
    • Computer applications I (Theory & Practical) https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/computer-applications-i-theory-practical-pdf-notes/
    • Structured Programming https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/structured-programming-notes-knec-diploma/
    • Communications Skills https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/communication-skills-notes-pdf-knec/
    • Operating System https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/operating-systems-1-knec-pdf-notes/
    • Computational Mathematics https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/computational-mathematics-pdf-notes-knec/ or https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/computer-mathematics-notes/
    • Entrepreneurship https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/knec-entrepreneurship-notes-complete-pdf/
    • Business Plan https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/business-plan-guidance-notes-knec/

    DICT Module II notes

    • Systems Analysis & Design
    • Computer Application II (Theory & Practical) https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/computer-application-ii-theory-practical-pdf-knec-notes/
    • Object Oriented Programme
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Visual Programming
    • Database Management Systems
    • Quantitative Methods

    DICT Module III notes

    • Data Communication & Networking
    • Management Information System
    • Principles & Practice of Management https://pdfnotes.co.ke/product/principles-and-practice-of-management-ppm-notes-knec-diploma/

    1. hi how can i access all mod 2 notes for Dict

  2. Samson Rotich says:

    I need notes on management information Systems

  3. Mary Nyambura Waithaka says:

    How can I access all notes for module 1 DCIT

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