Discuss about the factors which influence the deployment of Information Technology

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The factors which effect the efficient deployment of Information Technology can be summarized as:
• Human behavior: The existing personnel are generally reluctant to the change in the system and its operation.
• Cost: The cost of deployment may be higher in the initial stage so management may be unwilling.

• Need of expert manpower: For the efficient deployment of Information Technology there will be need of the technical manpower which can handle and execute the system. Sometimes such manpower would not available.
• Dependency on machine: The use of IT in organization means depending on it for each and every operation of the organization with the technology. Power failure disrupts overall operation of the organization.
• Change management: During the stage of transition from the existing system to new IT system there might be problem deciding which system to operate and how to manage if it fails. Moreover migrating existing system and data to the new system is another big challenge.
• Organizational strategic plan: This is the critical things which effect the efficient deployment. If the organization is not clear about the strategic vision, the deployment will not be as expected.

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