Discuss about the practical factors which influence the working of Information Technology.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The practical influencing factors which affect the Information technology are summarized as:

Flexibility of changes in business and technology:
There should be sufficient room in any business and its involved technology for the improvement. This can lead to the use of information technology in broader sense. If business and the involved technology are confined within a small boundary new ideas and concept cannot be groomed.

Budget is major influencing factor of any process or system. The size of the budget determines the level of integration, reliability and efficiency of technology to the business. Budget also determines the quality of Information Technology related work.

Speed to the market:
How fast system is brought to the market determine the life of the technology. If the technology is brought when its time value expires, then the success of the technology will not be as expected. Now days it is convinced that the life of technology last not more than one year. Moreover the right timing is very important.

Legal and Regulatory Body:
The regulatory and legal authorities are the major entity about the deployment of any technology. If any technology is banned the legal authority its faith will sink.
Other factors which influence the information technology are:
• International norms and practices about the technology
• Personnel self-interest and motivations towards the use of technology
• The functional business units of the organization
• Knowledge and qualifications of the personnel
So while introducing any technology organization should be clear about the government rules and regulations.

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