Discuss any four types of feasibility assessment that you need to perform to enable you recommend the undertaking of- a given project.

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Types of feasibility assessments that need to be performed:

Technical feasibility
This deals with equipment and software e.g. determination of whether the new system can be developed using the current facilities of the company. Technical feasibility evaluates the hardware required for the new system, the software required for the new system, whether the current facilities are adequate or inadequate for the new system after implementation, the current technology and how it‘s applicable to the new system, etc

Social feasibility/ Operational feasibility
This mainly deals with the effect of the system on the current society within the company. It focuses on:

o The reaction of individuals both inside and outside of the company as a result of the new system.
o The effect of the system on the existing organizational structure.
o The effect of the system on the current working practices and management levels i.e. whether there would be any change required and if so, the cost of the change socially.
o Redundancy or retrenchment, implication to the company as a result of the new system.
o Implication of the system on existing staff programmes.
Legal feasibility
This deals with the legal implications of the new system e.g. If it requires that the computer should be insured or whether the stored data should be registered with the government before use. Generally, any legal aspects associated with the new system should be assessed, and adequate measures taken to protect the interest of the user company.

Economic feasibility
This is aimed at determining whether or not to continue with the project, depending on whether the project is economically viable. The systems benefits and estimated implementation cost should be determined before any further resources can be spent on the project. A cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is carried out to determine whether the new system is economically viable.

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