Discuss how different levels of management will be benefitted by the use of software.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Usually a commercial bank will have three level of management hierarchy named as:
1. Operational level
2. Middle Level and
3. Executive Level

These levels of management hierarchy have different level of duty and responsibility. To do their job more effectively they need various types of information. Here is the description how different level of management will be benefited by the use of newly developed software package.

Operational Level:
Operational level management does not set long term goals however they have everyday goals and objective. They need information like personal details of customer, customers‘ transactions, daily amount of deposition, daily amount of withdraw etc. Such type of information will be available on single click of computer. The main beauty of new software will bet hat such type of information can simultaneously be accessed by large number of user from all branches.

Middle Level Management:
Supervisory levels are the bridges between executive level and operational level. Supervising managers get implemented the work by the operational level staffs. With the help of the computer based information system, the supervisors can track the progress of the operation, they know who is responsible to which work, and what should be done to achieve the goal set by the executive level management. In case of bank, they can get the information regarding the weekly/monthly transaction of money: deposit and lending, interest etc. They can track the valuable customers. They can track in which areas there is lending. They can get the information in which areas the loan to be minimized or in which areas the loan to be increased. Besides this, with the implementation of new software the middle level management can get the information accounting and finance, pay roll and human resources etc.

Executive level Management:
Executive level management mainly responsible to make the long term effective decision, they are responsible to set the long term goal of the organization and to make the policy level decision to achieve such goal. For example, they set the goals like the profit of 5 years, position of the bank in 10 years, expansion of the bank in various geographical areas and national and international collaborations. To do such type of decision they need the information like: last 5 years performance of the bank, comparative performance of other banks, supports of the employees etc. These types of information will be provided by software on click.

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