Discuss how top level management is benefitted with the use of Information Technology to achieve its strategic vision.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Top level management is defined as a set of management positions which are concerned with the overall task of designing, directing and managing the organization in an integrated manner. In broader sense the job of top level management can be categorized in two ways: external and internal.

The top level management can use the tools and services of information technology for these external affairs of the business:
• To analyze of the competitive activities related with the rivalry and new competitors
• To analyze customer preferences, historical behaviors of customers, the changes in business in different time frames
• To analyze economic trends, legal rulings and technological changes which impacts the business and its profits
Beside this top level management also get benefited with the use of information technology for following internal business activities
• To analyze historical sales and costs of the products
• To analyze profit, cash flow, divisional income, expenses
• To analyze financial ratios, interests; credit outstanding
The information related with these activities are available with the use of information technology. This is how the top level management is benefited with the use of IT to achieve its strategic vision.


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