Discuss potential risks involving computer frauds.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The potential risks involved with the computer frauds are:

• Data leakage: Unauthorized copying of company data such as computer files
• Data diddling: Changing data before, during or after it is entered into the system in order to delete, alter or add key system data
• Denial of service: Attacker sends email bombs (hundred of messages per second) from randomly generated false addresses: internet service providers email is overloaded and shuts down
• Email forgery: sending email message that looks as it it were sent by someone else.
• Viruses: Segment of executable code that attaches itself to software, replicates itself and spread to other systems of files. Triggered by a predefine event a virus damages system resources or displays a message on the monitor.

• Password cracking: Intruder penetrates a system‘s defenses, steals the file containing valid passwords, decrypts them and then uses them to gain access to system resources such program files and data.
• Social engineering: Perpetrator tricks an employee into giving out the information needed to get into a system.
• Spamming: Emailing the same message to everyone one or more.

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