Discuss the impact of client/server technology to the users of mainframe systems.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Client/server systems have been hailed as bringing tremendous benefits to the new user, especially the users of mainframe systems. Consequently, many businesses are currently in the process of changing or in the near future will change from mainframe (or pc) to client/server systems. Client server technology will have great impact on main frame users due to following reasons:
i. People in the field of information system can use client/server computing to make their job easier.
ii. Reduce the total cost of ownership.
iii. Increased productivity
iv. End user productivity
v. Developer productivity
vi. Takes less people to maintain a client/server application than a mainframe.
vii. The expenses of hardware and network in the client/server environment are less than those in the mainframe environment.
viii. Users are more productive today because they have easy access to data and because applications can be divided among many different users so efficiency is at its highest.
ix. Client/server applications make organisations more effective by allowing them to past applications simply and efficiently.
x. Reduce the cost of the client’s computer.
xi. Reduce the cost of purchasing installing and upgrading software programs and application on each client’s machine, delivery and maintenance would be from one central point, the server.
xii. The management control over the organisation would be increased.

xiii. Many times easier to implement client/server than change a legacy application.
xiv. Leads to new technology and to move to rapid application development such as object oriented technology.
xv. Long term cost benefits for development and support.
xvi. Easy to add new hardware to support new system.
xvii. Can implement multiple – vender software tools for each application.

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