Discuss the importance of non-verbal communication

1. Reliability:-
Non verbal communication is more reliable then verbal communication. Words can be controlled more easily but it’s difficult to hide facial expressions like sadness, gladness, joy etc. So non-verbal communication is regarded as a more reliable means for transmitting message.
2. Support to verbal communication:-
Body language and appearance support the verbal communication. A wave of hand, smile etc might be very useful to explain and understand a particular point of view.
3. Quickness:-
A denial or acceptance expressed by moving head saves lot of time. So, it is important in this respect that non-verbal communication transmits the message quickly.

There are following six functions of it.
(1) To provide information either consciously or unconsciously.
(2) To regulate the flow of conversation.
(3) To express emotion
(4) To qualify, complement, contradict or expand verbal message.
(5) To control or influence others.
(6) To facilitates specific tasks, such as teaching a person.

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