Discuss the rules relating to appointment and vacation of office of directors

The names of the first directors are determined in writing by the subscribers or a majority of them failing which the signatories to the memorandum are the first directors.
 Directors are elected by members in general meeting by an ordinary resolution.
 to qualify for appointment as a director one must:
– Be between the age of 21-70
– Be of sound mind.
– Not be an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent.
– Not have been disqualified by the court.
 A person appointed director must sign and deliver to the registrar for registration a written memorandum.
If the articles require a director to hold any share qualification a person must take them up within two months of appointment or such shorter time as the articles may prescribe.
Under section 184 (1) in the case of a public company meeting a motion for the appointment of two or more persons as directors by a single resolution must not be made unless a resolution to that effect has been agreed to by the meeting without any vote against it.

The office of director must be vacated if the director:
Is disqualified by the court pursuant to section 189 of the Act.
 Fails to acquire share qualification.
Is declared bankrupt or makes an arrangement or composition with his creditors generally.
 Becomes of unsound mind.
 Resigns his office by notice in writing to the company.
 Attains the age of 70 unless re-appointed.
Is removed by an ordinary resolution of members in general meeting absents himself from directors meeting held in over six months without permission of the other directors.
 Dies
 If the company goes into liquidation.

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