Office has appointed you as an auditor for some community schools of Humla District. What special points do you consider while doing audit of such schools? Explain.

Auditing and Assurance Revision Questions and Answers

Audit of


Institutions i.e. Community Schools of Humla District: The special steps involved in their audit are the following:

 Examine the


Act and


Rules in these cases as these are the Community Schools which are under the control of the District


Office and note all the provisions affecting accounts.

 Read through the minutes of the meeting of the School Management Committee, noting resolutions affecting account to see that these have been duly complied with, specially the decisions as regards the operation of bank account and sanctioning of expenditure.

 Check names entered in the Students Fee Register for each month or term, with the respective Class Registers, showing names of student on rolls and test amount of fees and extra charged; and verify that there operates a system of internal check which ensures that demands against the student are properly raised.

 Check fees received comparing counterfoils or receipts granted with entries in the Cash Book and tracing the collections in the Fee Register to confirm that the revenue from this source has been duly accounted for.

 Total up the various columns of the Fees Register for each month or term to ascertain that fees paid in advance have been carried forward and that the arrears that are irrecoverable have been written off under the sanction of an appropriate authority.
 Check admissions fees with admissions slips signed the head of the institution and confirm that the amount has been credited to a Capital Fund, unless the School Management Committee has taken a decision to the contrary.
 See the free studentship and concessions have been granted a person authorized to do so, having regard to the Rules prepared the Management Committee.
 Confirm that fines for late payment or absence, etc. have been either collected or remitted under proper authority.
 Confirm that hostel dues were recovered before student’s accounts were closed and their deposits of caution money refunded.
 Verify rental income from landed property with the rent rolls, etc.
 Verify any government or local authority grant with the memo of grant. If any expense has been disallowed for purposes for grant, ascertain the reasons thereof.
 Report any old heavy arrears on account of fees, dormitory rents, etc. to the Management Committee.
 Confirm that caution moneys and other deposits paid students on admission, have been shown as liability in the balance sheet and not transferred to revenue, unless they are not refundable.
 See that the investments representing endowment funds for prizes are kept separate and any income in excess of the prizes has been accumulated and inappropriate securities.
 Check the distribution of scholarship to the students and ensure the same with the receipts of the students.
 Check the distribution sheet of textbooks, payroll of the PCF teachers with the number of students.

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